Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are liberals open minded?

When I was in high school a teacher challenged me to be more open-minded -- like her.
As a flaming liberal her view was that conservatives -- like me -- had closed our minds to her way of thinking. The thought that liberals -- like her -- never considered conservative views never entered her "open" mind. (Perhaps the door was open; but her thinking was so cluttered there was room for reason.

In his more recent column, Larry Elder points us to "a biennial survey conducted by the University of Michigan's American National Election Studies uses a scale from 0 to 100 — 0 meaning shoot-the-person-on-sight hatred, and 100 meaning find-a-place-for-him-on-Mount-Rushmore adoration. The 2004 survey then asked 1,200 adults to define themselves politically."

"Sixty percent of these extreme liberals gave Messrs. Bush and Cheney a 0. In other words, six out of ten Americans on the far left found that no evil, heinous person in the world could be worthy of more hatred than Bush and Cheney."


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